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The Party

The Holiday Party

It was a chilly December day in LA and the work week was ending, I checked my phone to see if Casey had texted me back because the annual holiday party was here at the office tonight, and he was supposed to make sure his date came along with her friend so I wouldn’t feel like a third wheel. To my surprise, he hasn’t texted back but he’s still showing online when I check his work status. I begin to think of a way out of this holiday party when Megan sends me a message asking if I’m coming to the party after work. Now first things first, Megan is one of those women who looks like she knows how to have a good time and not only has the figure that other women envy, but she also is the type that is very dangerous from what Casey and the other folks around here mentioned to me when I started 8 months ago. I answered her message saying, “I’m not sure if I want to stay all night”, and she responds with a wink face emoji and says, “just come to the party and have a good time since I’m still new here.” I respond back with, “Yeah I might as well enjoy myself tonight.” Little did she know, I admired her body and personality and I had wanted to make a move on her when I first started but I realized that with me being the new guy here and with all that #MeToo craziness going on it would not be worth the risk since I was new here after all. She sent me a smiley face after I told her that I would stop by after I got off. I continue my workday and finally Casey called me and told me that his friend was not able to make it to the party because something came up. At this point I knew that I had to make a move on Megan, and so I told Casey what my intentions were. Casey laughed at me and told me to just be careful because she can be trouble, “she can be a bit fun at times,” I told him, “Just make sure you play wingman for me so that I don't come off as this awkward guy who’s desperate for a partner to hang out with at the party.” Casey agrees and he tells me that he will get there around 9:00pm since the party starts at 7:00pm. We end our conversation and I continue working, I start second guessing myself and wondering if I should just leave out and go home. However, as I turn around in my chair to grab my backpack Megan is standing there and damn she looks great, I ask her, “What's up?” She tells me, “Nothing just making sure you're still coming to the party”, I tell her that I am coming but just had to head home first, she smiles and walks away and I feel that that throbbing sensation coming from between my legs as I watch her walk back through the door. 6:30pm rolls around and I am walking into my apartment, I check the mail, nothing but the usual junk mail. I toss my backpack on the floor by the door and hop in the shower. After my shower I go ahead and shave because I am starting to form that unkept beard look because well let’s face it ever since I got to this company I never really cared about appearances but since it’s a holiday party I figured I might as well make sure I look presentable since there will be pictures being taken. I get done shaving and I knew that there was a slight chance, no scratch that, a very good chance that I will fuck Megan after the party. I get a call from Casey around 7:00pm and he asks was I ready yet, I told him that I will drive myself and that I'll meet him there because I was still in the process of getting dressed, he chuckles and says that him and his wife should be there around 8:00pm or 8:30pm and I tell him to let me know when they officially get there and we'll meet up. I continue getting dressed and at this point I am very glad that I invested in that Tempo Home Gym because man, my muscles are really showing in this shirt. I spray on some Dior cologne and do a last check in the mirror, a quick hair check, I grab my keys and I head back to the office. I arrive at the office and park my car but this time I decided to park at the top deck that way I can easily leave out since everyone else was parking on the lower levels. I walk in, press the up button to call the elevator, when the doors open I walk in and press for the 20th floor, the elevator starts to move but then stops at the 10th floor, the doors opens and Casey and his wife walk in, we exchange pleasantries and Casey asks where my date is and I tell him that I’m just here for the chance to see management act a fool and the free drinks of course and Casey just laughs. We finally get to the 20th floor and we follow the sounds of the music to the conference room. I scan the crowd to see if I recognize anyone from my team and I see Brittany and Adam hanging out with Kim and Kevin at the bar, so I make my way over to them to catch up and see what the vibe is like. As I approach the bar, I see Sarah from Finance coming over and we stop at the bar with the rest of the gang. I can tell Sarah has been drinking a lot already because she keeps touching my arm and from the looks of Kevin and Adam’s faces, I can tell that she wants me but she is not the one I want tonight, so I ease her off of me, not forcefully but just enough for her to understand. She apologizes and walks away, Kevin leans over and says, “Man you know she has been wanting you for a few weeks now, right?" I turn to him to respond but as I turned I spot Megan walking over to us and damn she is looking good as fuck in that outfit, I’m talking form fitting pants, very tight shirt with her tits sitting just right and her reindeer antlers on her head to add to that holiday look. Instantly my dick starts to throb as she approaches, and I tell Kevin that I know who I really want, and he looks and sees Megan and he taps the rest of the gang so that they move away to give us some space. Megan walks over and the light hits her just right and just seeing her brown skin and hair just bouncing in the slight breeze from the AC has me bothered in the best way. She asks me to order her a drink and I do, the French Apple is the drink I order as I hand it to her, she looks at me and says dance with me, as I head to the dance floor, I’m realizing that I just might stay for the entire event because I cannot keep my eyes or hands for that matter off of Megan. We start dancing and the DJ is playing all the hottest club hits and you can tell that we’ve all forgotten that we’re at a corporate holiday party, I tell Megan that I need another drink and she follows me to the bar and I order another drink for her and I grab my usual drink of choice. I look at her and as I’m staring at her I’m realizing that this is going to be a very easy tonight. Megan catches me looking at her and asks me what my plans are for later tonight, I tell her that I’m just going with the flow of things since tomorrow is Saturday and I have to drive down to Santa Monica for the next few days. She smiles and says let's get back to the dance floor. We continue to dance and she is starting to grind on me, and I know that she can feel my dick getting harder and throbbing against her. The music continues to bump, and the drinks continue to be consumed, while Megan continues to grind and dance on me and as we dance across the floor, I see my chance to make a move. We get to a quiet corner near the hallway, and she starts to unzip my pants and massage my dick as I keep a lookout because this is something I hadn’t planned for. Megan starts to pull my dick out and starts to suck it nice and slowly and I can tell she is enjoying the fact that she can feel my dick grow inside her mouth. I let her slowly suck me off as I grab her hair she starts to make me tense up and close my eyes because it feels so damn good. I never thought that she could suck dick like this. I snap back to reality and pull her back and kiss her, I tell her to follow me so we can continue this in a more secluded area. Megan smiles and takes me back to the dance floor and continues to dance with me. I know what she is doing, she is teasing me and it is only turning me on more and more, we get more drinks and at this point it is midnight and some of the folks that we came up with have started to leave and I know that we can’t be seen together leaving. I grab Megan and we head out the staircase and head down to the 19th floor and I know that this floor will be perfect because no one will come here. I push Megan against the wall, and she pushes me off and starts sucking my dick again but this time she’s getting wilder, I’m talking she’s using two hands and sucking like she hasn’t had something like this in a long time. I feel myself about to cum and I stop her, pick her up, and place her on the filing cabinet, I pull down her pants and toss them to the side and lift her legs onto my shoulders and start kissing her thighs. I start to squeeze her tits and slowly start to finger her, I hear her gasp as slide my fingers in and I know that she’s enjoying this. I finger her for a few minutes as I watch her moan and I then let her lick my fingers so she can taste herself. As she’s doing that, I tease her and begin to slowly rub my tongue down her thigh and stop right at her beautiful pussy. I can tell she’s the type to keep a little fuzz on it like a kiwi and not bald like the others that I have come across in my life. I begin to tongue fuck her and finger her at the same time and I can feel her legs begin to shake. She tries to push me away, but I have been waiting all evening for this chance to show her what she’s getting herself into, she pushes me off and I can tell that it’s the alcohol taking over because she unbuttons my shirt and starts kissing my chest while stroking my throbbing dick and she knows the tease that she’s doing. She pushes me against the wall and starts to suck my dick extra nasty this time, I’m talking about spit running down my dick and she’s using two hands as sucks and twists. I feel myself start to lose control and I know I can’t let her win. I grab her head and try and pull her from my dick, but she keeps sucking and making me clench my teeth. As she’s still sucking, I pull her tits out of her shirt, I feel myself about to blow in her mouth. I try and stop her, but she has a grip on me, and I can’t stop myself, I blow my load into her mouth and as I do, I see some of my cum dripping down her face and just the way her tits are looking right now I know it's time to give her what she deserves. I push Megan against the copy machine and slide my still throbbing dick right up inside her and I hear her gasp, “Yes”, she was not expecting that from me. I pull her hair as I’m thrusting deeper and deeper into her, and I can hear her say my name. I thrust harder into her while she's against the copy machine, and squeeze her tits and with my other hand I rub her clit, as I’m doing that, I can feel her leg beginning to shake again and she’s moaning loudly at this point. She tries to use her hand to stop me but I’m not letting her do that tonight because this is my time, time for me to do what I have been thinking about ever since I laid eyes on Megan. I slide my dick out of her and go back to eating her out, damn her pussy is dripping wet at this point and I know she’s lost control of herself. I keep flicking my tongue back and forth while using one hand to squeeze her tits and my other hand to finger her and I feel her cumming yet again, I feel her lose complete control and at that point I know I must finish her off so that she always remembers who fucked her the best. I pick her up and place her down on a table in one of the meeting rooms and I slide my dick back up inside her and she whispers my name and I tell her that this is my pussy and she better not forget it, she wraps her legs around me as I keep sliding in and going deeper, I feel myself about to cum again so I slow down just a little. I start to suck her tits and as I do, I see that her soul is completely gone. As I’m thrusting I admire her body and her tits still sitting in her bra and her shirt that she wore with her pants is missing buttons from when I ripped them off and her pants tossed over by the copy machine, I catch her eyes and she grabs me and bites my neck and I feel my dick jump from it and I know that it’s time to finish her off, I start thrusting faster and I grab her throat and Megan wraps her legs around me tightly and I feel myself about to cum again. I pull out and blow my cum all over her tits and face, she scoops it off her tits and swallows it. I look at her and realize that she’s going to be hanging around like a stray cat because she has never been fucked that good and I showed her that I’m the best she will ever have.

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