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The Librarian: Part Two

It's been about 7 months since I got back from my trip to my hometown, being there for the holidays brought back a lot of fun memories while creating new ones with Sierra. There I was back in my hometown to pursue a business opportunity and visiting my family only to be playing hookie and sneaking away from family gatherings so that me and Sierra could keep getting to know each other both intellectually and physically. I hadn't had that much fun with Sierra since we were in high school, we definitely spent a lot of time together because we both knew that our time was not only limited but was going to be over very quickly so we made the most out of every moment that we were together. The last time we got to spend with each other before it was time for me to return home was the night of New Year's Eve going into New Years Day. We snuck out of our individual family gatherings and Sierra asked me to meet her at the library. When I got there I saw Sierra walking up the sidewalk coming from the opposite direction at the same time as me, we embrace each other warmly with a passionate kiss, she then guides me into the library after she unlocks the door, pulled me in and I locked the door behind us. We keep kissing and as we get further into the library Sierra got more aggressive which I of course loved and was only happy to oblige. We started ripping off each other’s clothes and headed towards that big picture window that overlooked the frozen lake outside which made the perfect picturesque backdrop where we first met up with each other when I first got here. I put Sierra on the same table where I was sitting when we first saw each other, we are both now completely naked and I stopped to simply gaze at Sierra’s natural beauty and to slow things down a bit since this was our last time together and I leave tomorrow night. Everything about Sierra I was infatuated with, her mind, her intelligence and definitely her body. I cup her natural triple D titties that were perfectly perked. Sierra takes her right leg and puts it in the chair closest to her right leg to open her legs up perfectly for me, she takes my right hand from her breast and put it at her clit using it to play with her clit which is already dripping wet. She then lays back and motions for me to start fingering her which I do easily, I lean down to kiss her passionately one more time before I officially begin this workout. After that kiss I start finger fucking her like crazy and sucking on each nipple like I was a newborn trying to get his first dose of nutrients after being birthed out of the wound. I keep sucking and finger fucking Sierra until she cums all over my fingers. Sierra is what I like to call a repeat cumer, once you get one that next one is close but you still have to work for it so after she cums she puts my fingers in her mouth and sucks every bit of her juices off. I'm rock solid at this point but this aint about me it's all about her so I pull her down a bit to where she is now laying flat on the table and put both of her legs in the air while keeping them spread apart in the perfect “V” formation as I never forgot how flexible Sierra was in high school and feast on her pussy like it's the last meal I am ever going to get in this life time. Taking my tongue and swirling it around her clit and enjoying that little jump that she does when I flick my tongue against it too. Her legs wanna tighten so I know what that means, her pussy is about to cream all over my tongue and just like that she did. I come up and Sierra tongue kisses me tasting her juices again but this time off of my tongue and lips. You wanna know and I mean truly know that some pussy belongs to you, when you're dick can slide right in with no help and no assistance, that's how it is with Sierra and me. So while she's tasting herself on my lips her other lips greeted my dick so warmly that I almost came right then and there but I can't end on a note like that though, so I start out slow so I can get my mind right and focus. Sierra's pussy is already tight but she gets tighter when she's about to cum, I took the time to learn Sierra's body, three soft strokes, two fast strokes and like clockwork that grip got tighter and the moan she let out in pleasure was nothing short of amazing. I made sure this happened over... and over... and over... and over again until Sierra was clearly exhausted and when I felt that last grip it was time for me to come with her and there we were inside an empty library moaning out in pleasure. What's really shocking is that this library has really great acoustics which I would have never known if it wasn't for this moment. I left the next day headed back home with the promise from Sierra that she would come and visit me in the summer. 7 months quickly went by of me and Sierra constantly texting, video calling and chatting on the phone that I literally could not go a day without talking to her. Every single day I wanted to know everything about her, how she was feeling, what she ate that day, how her day went, what she was doing every second of every day. Not being over protective just super infatuated, literally counted down the days that Sierra would be back in my arms again which was unbelievably close because she will be here tomorrow. In preparation for Sierra’s arrival I left work a few hours earlier than usual, needed to do some grocery shopping so that I could show off a little bit of my culinary skills. After picking up the food I hurried home to get my high rise condo presentable for Sierra's arrival. While I was finishing up cleaning my place I got a text from Sierra with the arrival time for her flight. It’s July 1st, a Friday and her flight should be here in LA at 7:45 PM which is perfect because that will give me enough time to get dinner ready. A couple of porterhouse steaks with a side of shrimp alfredo, broccoli for a vegetable and some garlic bread to tie the meal together, I of course grabbed some red wine as well to fully complete the entire meal. I got everything prepared to cook instead of cooking right away because I didn't want the food to burn while I wasn't at home. I also wanted the food to be fresh when Sierra and I sit down to have dinner. The time is coming around to 6:30 PM so I hop in the shower, make sure I'm looking and smelling good, I set the ambience at my place by dimming the lights and having Alexa play the playlist that I created just for this moment. I leave my place a quarter after seven since the airport is about a 35 minute drive. I arrive at the airport right on time, I send a text to Sierra letting her know that I am parked and waiting for her to come out of the departure doors. I knew that it would be a minute as she had to leave the gate, head to baggage claim and grab her luggage. I just can't wait for her to see me parked at the gate, right in front so she can't miss me. I see her and even though she took the comfy route she still looked absolutely amazing. Heather gray just may be her color since she is wearing a 2 piece outfit that complimented her every curve with a pair of all white air force ones, a classic choice. When she saw me and we met eyes she began running towards me, she jumped right into my arms and I just held her. We both missed each other and honestly more than we should have. I grabbed her suitcase and put it into the trunk of my car, open the passenger door for Sierra, she got in and we drove to my place holding each other's hands and enjoying the music. We arrive back to my place and when we get in everything was exactly how I had left it and pictured it. I give Sierra a quick tour of my place and then we head to the kitchen where she helps me finish up preparing dinner. We have dinner which honestly came out better than I expected, I quickly cleaned up the kitchen by putting everything in the dishwasher, we retire to the living room and continue catching up. I could tell that Sierra was really tired so I turned on the TV for some background noise and she slowly fell asleep in my arms, shortly after shortly I fell asleep as well. I'm awaken out of my sleep, not from the rays sun flowing into the living room but by Sierra who had my dick in her mouth. I have never been awakened by head before so this is a new experience that I am about to thoroughly enjoy. Just watching her lips work their way up-and-down the shaft and my dick was such a turn on and she knew just how to please me to the point where I feel myself about to nut and had to stop her. She glances up at me with that cute innocent look that I love about her and asks, “You want to finish in the shower because I do need one?” In my mind I'm like, “We can definitely do that” but I play it cool, smile, nod and say, “We definitely can.” We head to the bathroom and I turned on the shower and set the temperature. I turn back to Sierra grab her and just start passionately kissing her and slowly undressing her until she is completely nude and simultaneously undressed myself as well. I lead Sierra into the shower where we are both met with perfectly warm water hitting us from all directions, her skin literally felt like velvet as I tried to kiss every inch of her body. I did not want to take my hands off of her, then Sierra does something that I didn't even expect, she got on her knees in the shower and she continued sucking my dick as the water is flowing over us both. This is by far the most amazing way I have ever got my dick sucked. I motion for her to stand up and I turn her around, place her hands on the wall and spread her legs apart as she pokes her ass out with the perfect arch that allowed me to slide right inside of her. I've never fucked in the shower and I am literally getting stimulation from every direction. From the water hitting me at the perfect temperature to Sierra's tight pussy gripping my dick with every stroke we take together, she knows exactly how to fuck me back. I am officially on the verge of embarrassing myself but fuck it, Sierra was always supposed to be mine and now that I have her I never want to let her go. I get faster with my strokes and Sierra immediately responds by adjusting her speed also to keep up with me. I tell her that I'm about to cum and she responds with a soft, “So am I”. I take my last stroke and we both explode loudly, I think the entire floor of my building probably heard us. I have a seat on the bench in the shower and just watch Sierra lather up her entire body and rinse herself off. Everything about her was just so perfect it was almost as if in this very moment I am seeing her true beauty for the first time. After Sierra leaves I finish taking my shower, towel off and head to my bedroom where Sierra is getting dressed and drying her hair. Just so you know I now have a new found respect for the ladies who make sure that their hair is braided for vacations. She put on a red sundress that hugged every part of her body perfectly. We left and headed to do some sight seeing and shopping, I wanted to make sure that Sierra got the full LA experience. So over today and the next day we visited several famous places, I even made sure that we went on the Hollywood tour. Our weekend was full of nothing but fun and now here we are to Monday, the 4th of July, we started the day with brunch ordered in from one of my favorite restaurants down the street. Sierra comes out of the bedroom wearing the shirt to my pajama pants which I love, we were both pretty exhausted from our long yet adventurous weekend and so today we decided to just chill and relax. After eating I decided to take Sierra on a small tour of my building, we first went to the gym which is on the first floor and then we went to the pool area on the roof that had a great view of the downtown skyline. Sierra took in the scenery saying that she could come up here and read all day-and-night long. We stayed on the rooftop for a few hours just talking and finding out more and more about each other and started to get hungry so we decided to take a walk to a pizza joint on the corner at the end of the block from my building where we grabbed a couple of slices and took in some more sights as we walked back to my building. It was already dusk and I wanted to take Sierra to a firework show so we headed back into my condo and Sierra says that she wants to get changed so she headed into the bedroom and I stayed in the living room waiting for her to come back out. Before I knew it a half hour had passed and it was now dark out which meant the fireworks show was closer to starting. I'm about to head to the bedroom to check on Sierra when she comes out wearing nothing but a pair of leather stilettos, I walk over and put my hands around her waist and then cupping her ass cheeks as she says, “Let’s have some fun and set off some fireworks here.” So I guide her over to the full length window in the living room and just watching her walk over to the window is an instant turn on. She told me that she wanted to watch the fireworks while I gave her some fireworks to experience personally. The fireworks show began off in the distance and as she gripped the window, palms down, I slid into her from behind and fuck she was so wet and so tight. I kept my stroke slow at first and felt Sierra cum all over my dick, now I know she wants to watch the fireworks show outside but I'm about to put on a show of my own in this window. I turned Sierra around and pick her up so that her legs are around my waist at first but I have something else in mind, so I come down and position Sierra’s legs over my shoulders and stand straight up and eat her pussy like there is absolutely no tomorrow. She tries to push my head away which only makes me go harder and I feel her juices marinate my tongue. I bring her back down to my waist and slide right into her quivering awaiting pussy and I start going crazy, I never want either one of us to forget this moment and I make sure of that. Just like the fireworks are going off outside the fireworks are going off between me and Sierra so remember to make your own fireworks tonight while the others are going off outside.

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