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The Librarian

The Librarian

It was a late fall day; you know mid to late October and the leaves were just beginning to turn. I just came back from being away for a few years and I want to go spend some time in my home town with my family for the holidays. Things have changed in the years that I've been gone, even the local video store is now one of those fancy coffee shops. I kept walking down Main Street looking at all of what has changed and what has stayed the same. I see some of the familiar buildings and stores, the GameStop is still there from when I was in high school, that's shocking. I look at my phone and I realize that I still have about 30 minutes left before I have to meet one of my friends for lunch, so I stop in at the local library just to browse some books and pass the time. I grab a couple of business books and find a seat in the corner overlooking the lake and as I'm gazing out of the window, I can’t help but feel like I’m being watched, I turn around and there's no one there, but I still can't shake the feeling. A few moments passed and I get up to return the books to the return counter and that's when I hear someone whisper, “Brandon? Is that you?” I feel like I know that voice so I turned all the way around and my initial thought was right, it's Sierra! “I haven't seen you since you took that job in LA three years ago,” as she’s talking, I'm looking at her and I have to admit, after being gone for three years she definitely looks better than she did when we were in high school and early college. I make small talk with her, ask her how her family’s doing and what's new, she then tells me that her family is good and she's basically just taking care of the family business which was the car wash. “Wow Sierra you definitely look amazing, what do you do now besides work at the family car wash?” She then tells me that she works part time here at the library and I guess I should’ve realized that judging from her outfit. Now when I say that back in high school and early college Sierra didn't have much of a shape but that now her figure filled out in all the right places would be an understatement. She’s wearing a nice tan form fitting skirt with her badge on it and she sees me looking at her from head to toe and she gives me that cute little smile that she used to give me when she wanted to cut class back in high school with me, but her face stops from lighting all the way up and she asks, “what's new with you, what brings you back here from LA?” So, I tell her that I'm back for the winter holidays since it's the last weekend in October, Halloween’s tomorrow night and with Thanksgiving in November I figured I would come home for a few months before I head back to LA. She then asks me if I am seeing anyone special, to which I immediately tell her, “No, I’m just going with the flow of life right now, you know?” She lights up like a Christmas tree and I knew just by looking at her that I just had to have her because she was the one that was supposed to join me in LA, but life happened and her mom got sick so I understood why she couldn't join me. At the same time, just seeing her made me want to push her against the bookshelf like old times, but I couldn't. She must have read my mind because she had that look and she said, “I go on lunch in 5 minutes if you can wait, I can show you around the library.” I look at my phone and I realize damn, I'm supposed to meet up with Taylor so we can discuss some business opportunities, but I'm pretty sure I can push this meeting back and he'll understand because after all he was the one that recommended that I come back from LA anyway. Her lunch time comes and she texts me, “Where you at?” I respond, “Sitting outside the little coffee shop.” She comes downstairs and I buy her a coffee. She sits down at the table and starts to drink her coffee and as she's drinking, she stares at me with a little smirk on her face. I say, “What?” She says, “Nothing”, and I'm like, “No tell me because I still know you even after all these years.” Sierra looks at me and says, “Maybe, but things have changed since the last time you were here, so should I take you on this tour then?” I nod yes and we get up from the table and she starts showing me around and I can honestly say that just watching her walk-in front of me, showing me the things that's different here in the community, I was enjoying the view and I am not talking about the scenic view of the lake that we were walking towards either. Back at the library on the main floor we stop at the window that overlooks the lake, it's funny how different everything looks after all these years, the village must have passed a millage or something because this library looks nice and definitely more updated than it was when we were in high school. Sierra takes me to the upstairs of the library to continue the rest of the tour and just watching her walk-in front of me, man, she must have felt me staring at her walk because she stops and starts looking over the balcony down at the first floor and she does that little poking her ass out stance. You know the one that women do to get you to notice? I see what she's doing so I creep up from behind her and lean against her as she overlooks the balcony and I know she feels me pressing against her. I'm starting to get rock solid just by leaning against her, smelling her hair and the perfume that she has on, it's so intoxicating and it makes me just want to run my hand down her back because I know that I'm the only one that knows that it turns her on. She does a slight wiggle while leaning forward and I take that as an invitation, so I do a quick look around to make sure no one's watching us and I slide my hand in her skirt and I grip her ass and whisper to her, “Lets finish this later”, she tells me, “No, come follow me, I know somewhere that no one ever goes because it’s my private spot where I sneak away when I just want to think about life. I follow her as she guides me around the balconies, she leads me to a door that isn't like the other doors that I see in the rest of the library because this door in particular has a key like an old school key instead of a keypad. She brings me into this room, which I must admit is a nice size, a little bit bigger than a broom closet but not big enough to be considered an office. She sits down on an old bookshelf that looks like it was from before the remodel because it had carvings in it, you know like initials from kids who graduated years before. Sierra starts telling me about old times and how we don't talk as much like we used to ever since I moved to LA but how she still follows me on Instagram just to see what I'm up to. I guess you can say the reason I haven't really talked to her as much anymore is because we got into a big fight when I was leaving to go to LA and I felt bad, she decided to bail on me when I needed her most. I responded with, “Oh yeah” as I leaned against the wall, I say, “Yes, ever since we got into that big fight, I felt like you pushed me out of your life.” She then adjusts herself to slowly unbutton her top, not too much but just enough to where I can see how perfectly her breast sit without her shirt hiding them. I'm thinking to myself, dare I pull my dick out right now but I can't. She says, “Yes, because I thought we had something going on, but you chose LA over me.” I tell her, “No”, as I walk closer to her. “I didn't choose LA over you; I just had an opportunity that was sudden, and I figured that you would have joined me.” She then asks me am I going to stay this time or go back to LA, and I tell her, “Maybe.” By now I know I can't contain myself anymore, my dick is throbbing so hard and just looking at her makes it even harder. So, I walk over to her, grab her around her waist, lift her skirt while she’s on top of the bookcase and I start kissing her up and down her legs, making sure to kiss her inner thighs, I can feel her shake a little bit. I start grabbing her breast with one hand while I slide my fingers inside of her with the other. Sierra starts to moan so I stop gripping her titty to cover her mouth. I uncover her mouth and start kissing her as she now fully realizes that we have to stay quiet. I then go back to kissing her thighs, I spread her legs farther open and continue fingering her but this time I switch it up, I go down on her, I let my tongue do its magic and I let my fingers slide back and forth inside of her and I'm squeezing her breast and rubbing her nipples one at a time with my other hand and I feel her getting wetter and wetter and I know she's about to cum. I keep going as she tries pushing me away, her doing that just makes me wanna fuck her even more so I keep going because it's turning me on even more. The more she subtly pushes me away the harder my dick gets and I keep going, flicking my tongue back and forth, sliding my fingers in and out, and doing a circular tongue motion that I know she loves all while slowly applying pressure to her left nipple. At that moment she explodes and damn it's like someone knocked over a bucket of water. I come up for air and that's when she does something that I've never expected her to do, she gets on her knees and starts sucking my 8-inch dick, and when I tell you that it's been throbbing since I saw her, I know that she also knew what the deal was. She starts sucking slowly at first while massaging my balls then she starts sucking faster while still massaging my balls. I look down and my dick is beyond hard because that vein looks like it's about to explode. I feel myself about to cum, so I stop her from sucking my dick and I pick her up and put her back on top of that bookcase because I'm not about to go out like that, I'm going to enjoy this pussy first. I take off her shirt and leave her with nothing but her bra on and I start to admire her titties as she slowly lifts them out of the cups of her bra, I kiss her passionately as I slide in and damn this pussy is so wet if I do say so myself. I hear her gasp as I slide in deeper and I realize that she hasn't had this in a really long time and those other guys she may have been with since I've been gone hasn't hit this the way that I do. I keep thrusting in and out, watching her facial expressions and I know that she is enjoying this. I stop to turn her around and bend her over the bookcase, I enter back inside of her wet tight pussy and I keep going, back and forth, over and over, while grabbing her hair. I hit it from the back going deeper and faster and she starts pushing back, fucking me as I’m fucking her. I can feel my dick throbbing more and more with each thrust, I know this pussy is mine as she softly says my name. I keep thrusting with the same momentum, she’s about to cum again and I can tell because her thighs are shaking violently. I know I’m about to cum as well, but I don't want this to end just yet. I pull out and put her on her back this time, I slide in again and begin thrusting with slow deep pumps as she starts to massage her clit and tells me not to stop so I pick up momentum again, thrusting deeper and faster she looks me in the eyes and says cum in me. At that moment I realize that we're just going to have to make a trip to the drugstore as I explode all in her. I sit there trying to catch my breath and she is doing the same, I look at her and I look at her body, her breast sitting so deliciously, and her pussy looking so amazing as my cum starts to drip out. She quickly gets dressed because she still has two hours left on her shift, I look at her and tell her as I’m getting dressed also, that I'm staying in room 1738 at the Rosemount Hotel if she wants to come by later on tonight. She smiles with that same little smirk that she gave me in the coffee shop, she unlocks the door and we walk out a few minutes apart so that we don't look obvious. I head to the stairs, I look at her again and think to myself, damn she looks so amazing as I head down the stairs. I see her turn her head slightly with that little smirk again, I guess I just have to wait and see what tonight brings. I pull up my phone to call Taylor to let him know that we can meet at 6, after I head to my hotel to grab my tablet and well freshen up.

I get back to the hotel and grab my tablet to meet up with Taylor so that we can discuss a business venture that could possibly bring me back to Newcrest, which in all honesty would be a good thing if I can keep getting inside Sierra after all. At the meeting Taylor notices that my mind is not all the way there and he asks, “What’s got your attention?” I tell him that I ran into Sierra and well it was definitely worth the visit. He says that he can tell that it went well and knows that she has a thing for me, so he tells me that we will pick this meeting up tomorrow since he still has two more days in town. I head back to the hotel to take a shower and as I am standing there looking into the wall sized mirror in the bedroom, I can see the lip stain from her lip gloss on the base of my dick. I chuckle and hop in the shower and as I’m ending my shower, letting the water fall down onto me as I am reminiscing about today’s events, mainly Sierra, I hear my phone ring. I get out of the shower and check to see who called and it was Sierra. Just as I thought, she sent me a text after I couldn’t answer saying that she enjoyed our hook up earlier and couldn’t wait to see me later, so I texted her back and letting her know that I’ll be at the bar when she gets here. I head downstairs and order a couple of drinks and I see Sierra enter the lobby and damn she looks even better the second time around today than she did while she was at work! She has on this nice form fitting dress that comes just past her hips. You know the length to where when she walks it comes slightly above her lower ass checks and when she sits down you can get a pretty view of her beautiful pussy lips. I wave her over and she sits down next to me, I order her a few drinks and she starts to say how much she enjoyed seeing me earlier today and that she’s never had a sexual experience like that before. I sit there and smile to myself because I know that I’m not the first guy to have her, but I’m the one who knows what she likes. Since the conversation was headed into a more intimate direction, I suggest that we sit in a booth to have a little more privacy. After about an hour of our intimate discussion she starts to rub my thigh and I can tell she’s had a few too many drinks but the more she rubs on me the more I feel my dick getting hard. As I pull her closer to me in the booth, she starts to move her hand up my thigh and starts massaging my dick through my pants and damn it feels so good but I know that she better stop because if she doesn’t, I’m going to explode right here right now. As she continues massaging my dick, I decide to make my move and subtly lick my fingers and begin to slowly finger her under the table. I can tell that I’m making her want me more because she starts to stroke my dick through my pants and I can feel my ego begin to grow to its full length. I finger her faster and faster, I pull her closer to me and I hear her whisper, “Take me right now.” I can tell that she means it because her pussy is dripping wet on my fingers and my dick is throbbing so bad now in these pants. Damn I wish I could throw her on this table right here right now but I can’t. I start kissing her passionately as I finger fuck her under the table, as I look around, I notice that the bar area has cleared out and it’s just us in the back corner. I take my fingers out of her wet pussy, taste one of them and damn she tastes amazing, I put the other finger in her mouth and to my surprise she sucks on it and smiles. I grab her by the waist and take her to the elevator, as we ride up to my floor, I grab her from behind and continue to finger fuck her on the way up, kissing her neck and the more she squirms the harder I get and she knows exactly what she’s doing to me. The doors open and she pulls me down to my room, I tap the door with the room key and she pushes me in, we start making out like two high schoolers. She tugs at my belt and I’m unbuttoning my shirt. She pulls down my pants and puts my hardened dick into her mouth and starts sucking it like there’s no tomorrow, with each suck I feel myself start to lose control but I know that I am not going to cum just yet because I want to give her a fucking that she won’t ever forget. I pull my dick out of her mouth and as she stands up, I grab her, kissing her passionately as I move her to the chair in the corner and push her into it. I start kissing her inner thighs while I slowly finger her again and I can feel just how wet her pussy truly is. She tries to move away but I’m not letting her, the more she tries to fight, the harder I get and my dick is throbbing so bad you can see the vein pulsating. I re-create that moment from earlier today, I stopped eating her pretty pussy, got her up and bent her over the desk in the room, lift her dress up and slide right inside her and I hear that soft moan again and just like that, I give her those deep long strokes as I hit it from the back and I grip her titties and run my hand down her back watching her shiver. I go deeper and slower, I can tell she’s about to cum for me, I keep going but I feel her right leg start to shake so I speed up giving her those deep fast strokes and when she cums I can feel just how wet her pussy really is. I pull out and she wants to suck my dick again but I push her against the window and her reflection with the glare from the streetlights below I can see just how much she is enjoying this. Her hair has that messy look and it’s wet from sweating and her face looks like she is on cloud 9, I slide right back into her and keep hitting it from the back because I know she is enjoying it, I pin her against the window and give her those deep strokes that she loves. She begs me to keep going and that her pussy always belonged to me, I start to feel myself lose control but I’m not done with her, I adjust her so that this time her titties are against the window and her right hand is rubbing her clit as I go slow and become more deliberate with my strokes because I feel her about to cum again. She cums on my dick and feeling that amazing wetness makes me want to just dump my massive load into her, I know she wants to swallow it but not yet. I move over to the bed, and she pushes me down and gets on top of me, she takes off her dress and tosses it across the room and leaves her bra on, she then starts to suck my cock slowly while looking me in the eyes. Damn her head skills are the best that I have ever had, her tongue flicking the tip of my dick and running it up and down my shaft. I can feel myself again about to lose control and she can tell that I’m almost there, so she gets up and slides my dick back inside of her now dripping wet pussy. She starts riding it like she’s on one of those mechanical bulls that you see at those country bars, faster and faster she goes, and I start to tense up, “Not yet”, I tell myself, “Not yet.” I grab her titties and start to suck on them as she keeps riding me, she stops and gets up to face away from me and damn I’m about to lose it as she starts riding in reverse, up and down up and down, faster and then she slows down and does that little wiggle thing that she does. She gets up to start riding face to face again but this time I roll her over and start to eat her out, her pussy is so wet, I’m pretty sure that it’s never experienced anything like this before. Back and forth I go with my tongue, licking and fingering her I feel her cumming again. She begs me to fuck her again, I look at her as I spread her legs open and slide right back inside. This time I’m giving her those fast deep strokes and she’s calling out my name and I know that this is definitely worth coming back home for. She begs me and screams my name as I keep hitting her spot to not stop. I keep stroking deeper and faster as she shakes uncontrollably, “FUCK”, she yells, and I knew at that moment I wanted to blow my load into her, the faster I go the more she screams my name and at that moment she screams, “FUCK ME BABY, CUM IN ME”, and I explode inside of her. I know she wants to swallow so I pull out and she grabs my dick and swallows the remaining cum that I have left in me.

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